• CFO and COO functions

  • Management consulting

  • M&A Support

  • Due Diligence preparation

  • Expert witness engagements

  • Financial statement presentation

  • Investor relations

  • Business plan development

  • Proforma modeling

  • Forecasting & budgeting

  • Accounting and HR organization

  • Contracts & leases

  • Operational support

  • Helping you source critical services

    • Employee Benefits​

    • Public Relations

    • Staffing

  • Assist in the hiring and vetting of key accounting personnel​ (for example, I have created an accounting knowledge quiz that several clients have successfully used to vet Bookkeeper candidates).

  • Coach/tutor - many executive-level professionals find accounting difficult or confusing. I will help distill the complexities of accounting down to understandable and useful information, tailored to your role.

Many small businesses find themselves at the frustrating point of needing C-Level support yet not having the ability to afford a full-time executive.  Using a "for-hire" executive is a solution many have found successful.  My objective is to help you shore-up your existing operations while putting in place the needed infrastructure to accommodate future growth.

I'm a chartered, global managerial accountant (CGMA) as well as a CFO/COO who can work with you as a business partner to help ensure you're on the right path.